Isfahan Refinery up Grading (Package C)

Scope of Work

Electrical Package consisting of:

  • Unit 35- Flare System (3 Sets)
  • Unit 41- Steam and Power Generation and Distribution System (3 sets Boiler 250 T/H, 3 sets HRSG, 3X42 MW Gas Turbine Generators and 2X 23MW Steam Turbines) with accessories.
  • Unit 42- Water System (All kinds of required water for refinery)
  • Unit 43- Refinery Fuel System (Oil/ Gas – including Natural Gas Net.)
  • Unit 44- Plant and Instrument Air System
  • Unit 45- Interconnecting and N2 Distribution
  • Unit 46- Waste Water Treatment
  • Unit 50- Tanks Farm (46 sets cylindrical storage tanks, 19 set spherical storage tank including loading/unloading arms, blending systems, metering, transfer pumps …)
  • Design, Procurement and Execution of PMS of Package C
  • All kinds of interconnecting, distribution network and every other general facility, installations of Package C located at south area outside of the existing refinery.

Project info.

Project Table 
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